How to Protect Your Eyes From Your Smartphone

With the advent of technology and advancement, people are getting more and more tech savvy. They are getting more familiar with electronic gadgets like mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Overuse of this type of advanced gadget can land you with early signs of aging.

According to health experts, using modern electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, and laptops can bring you lots of mental and physical issues. They can also bring about the ugly signs of frown lines, under eye bags, wrinkles, and sagging skin to your appearance, coupled with damage to your sight.

The main culprit in the scenario is the smartphone. We spend hours of time texting and talking on a phone. We also have a bent-over posture while texting, which is not at all allowed for a Healthy Lifestyle Prescription. It is the core cause of shoulder, neck, back, and eye pain.

Youngsters, between the age group of 19-30 mostly face the issue of sight problems and numbness due to excessive use of a smartphone. They also end up with pain in their arm, hands, elbows, and wrists for the same reason.

If you want to lead a good life, then you need to start your day full of enthusiasm. Below are certain tips and tricks that you need to adhere to in order to know how to protect your eyes from the damaging effect of a smartphone. Just try to follow the below tips to protect your eyes from smartphones.

Remember to blink frequently
Minimize glare
Take breaks
Correct brightness
Adjust the contrast and text size
Keep a distance
Remember to blink frequently vivo v20

If you are using a smartphone for long hours, then it is quite important for you to keep your eyes moist in order to reduce dryness-causing irritation. It is advisable to blink at least 10 times in every 20-minute period to keep your eyes good and wet. Following this tip, you will be better able to focus your eyes as well.

Reduce glare

Now you can minimize the effect of reflective, annoying glare. Just go for an anti-glare Corning Gorilla Glass for your Smartphone. It is also a good idea to go for a matte screen protector film to avoid the effect of glare. You can slap an anti-reflective coating over your Smartphone screen. You can select the best anti-glare screen protectors as per your taste and preference.

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